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This required a letter to Prudie?

Dear Prudence,

I like socks with pictures on them, (I have souvenir socks from trips, for example) and I was given a pair of red socks with pictures of Chinese restaurant items: take-out boxes, chopsticks, the words “Enjoy” and “Thank you” in mock Chinese printing, like they have at Chinese restaurants. I am not Chinese. I am Jewish, and I got these for Chanukah because Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas. Is it insensitive for me to wear them? I’m feeling uncomfortable about wearing them because I don’t want to offend anyone. Do I need to relegate them to weekends at home with slippers on?

—Not My New Year

Re: This required a letter to Prudie?

  • I wouldn't wear something like that in public.  But if I guiltily like the socks anyway, I might wear them at home on nights when I've gotten Chinese take-out.
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