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I need help planning and coming up with ideas. 

I am looking to have a ceremony only. My guest list is 50 people max and I estimate at least 10-15 of those people will not show.

After the ceremony, whoever choices to come will be going on a cruise which closes the doors at 4PM.

I would do it on the cruise but I really do not like the photos or the areas that we can do the reception. Plus, I do not want people to feel like they need to travel with us. 

I wanted to do an early ceremony and possibly after the ceremony have drinks and hors d'oeuvres for people to pick at while we take photos.  I am thinking to start the ceremony by 10:30am. 


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    Hi! Consider a nearby venue to the port of Miami, like Miami Beach botanical gardens, or even getting a permit to do the ceremony in South Pointe Park and going to enjoy a brunch nearby before you board the ship at 3pm or so. 
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