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I wanted to walk down the isle to a Beatles song, played acousticly on a ukulele... and my Maid of Honor just made it happen!

My bridal party is going to dance (well. walk dance. nothing extravagent) to Bruno Mars "I think I wanna marry you" - i know, everyone and their mom is probably doing this, but its cute :)

OMFG I'm just so excited that she actually was able to make this happen!


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    Yay!  Glad you are getting what you want!  It's hard to find a bridal party who doesn't mind doing the dance down the aisle.  I wouldn't mind it, but not everyone likes it.  I LOVE Bruno Mars' music!!  :-) 
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  • I'm glad you're able to get the song you wanted to walk down the aisle to. And not to be a downer, but have you actually listened to the lyrics of the song by Bruno Mars? In my opinion (which really doesn't count for much), it isn't really a song I would want in my ceremony... Just a thought. 
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  • i am so jealous, i dont think i could ever get my bridal party to do anything fun like dance! 
  • I thought it was a cute song until I REALLY listened to the lyrics... you might want to do the same, Ashley! I hope this helps.
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  • I have a few other songs in mind - i've listened to the lyrics, i just thought it was a funny song :) I'm not a big mushy person. More of a wicked sarcastic person lol, but if its that bad i'm sure i'll change it up. Maybe an 80s song ;) George Harrisons - Got my mind set on you... haha i love that song!
  • I love the idea of having a funny song for that.....have you thought about Adam Sandlers Grow Old With You?? It is so cute....We are playing it at our reception.
  • OMG! I kept saying that before we got engaged (we've been together for 10 yrs lol) and I totally forgot about it! Thank you for reminding me! haha I'll have to run it by my fiance :)
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