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Why keep looking??

My FH and I have recently looked at two locations for our wedding ceremony and reception (we're doing an all in one deal so out of town family can stay off the road and just enjoy themselves once they get to the party).  The first one was a no for many reasons due to the professional behavior of the coordinator and it being right off the highway.  

The second one, I really loved, the coordinator was great, she really focused on us as a future client and even though the location was a little over budget for the amount of people we want to have in our wedding, she was willing to give a discount to us for a mid-week wedding.  (Something I'm striving to hear from all my vedors lol!).  

So I'm very impressed with the second area and always liked it.  It's been on my list to view for the wedding since before we got engaged.  Being very excited to hear what I wanted to hear, FH says "well I still want to look at least two more places."  My heart sank.  I, of course, will look at two more places because he feels it's important, but if my dream location is perfect and accomadating, why keep looking?  He claims he doesn't care much about the details as long as he get's married to me (cheesey!!  Love it), but just when I'm ready to say, "Ok, I've picked this," just to show him, he puts in his opinion and it ends up changing.  

So two questions:

Why keep looking?


Why is he saying he's not too involved but then participating way more than what he says he will?
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