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Place to dye clothing?

My wedding is in three weeks.  One of my BMs has taken FOREVER to find a dress (they all have to wear long, black, chiffon dresses) and finally decided to alter a white one and dye it black.  But... she never worked out the dye part.  Now every place she calls says they don't do it.  Do any of you know of a place in Houston that does - preferably West side?
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Re: Place to dye clothing?

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    at home in a bucket. that's how I dye all my clothes. *shrug*

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    haha, that's what i was thinking. we even used to make tie-dye t-shirts at home when they became cool again in high school (early 90's - i'm not that old!). i guess the concern would be ruining the dress material by dying it at home, but i don't see any other alternative. they do make fabric spray paints, but that would look a lot worse than dying it at home.
  • Did you ever find a place to have this done?  I want to have my wedding dress dyed...
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