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Black white and ____? Wedding?

What colors did you combine with black and white? Any photos, looking for ideas...

Also, I have a 10 year old little brother, how to incorperate him?(his oler brother will be a groomsman... Thanks

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Re: 2 questions

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    mswood1977mswood1977 member
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    I have seen Black, White and Red weddings, but my favorite was a black, white and silver.  I wanted to use Black, White and Silver but my FI didn't want black as a wedding color so we changed to Blue and Wine.

    As for the 10 year old he could be a ring bearer (I know he is a little old but my 10 year old nephew is acting as the ring bearer for his moms upcoming wedding), or he could be a Jr. Groomsman.
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    Anything, really.  There was a girl on this board a while ago that did black white and yellow.  The yellow really popped.

    I've also seen and loved B&W with blue and with purple.  And of course, red is the obvious choice.  
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: 2 questions</a>:
    [QUOTE]Anything, really.  There was a girl on this board a while ago that did black white and yellow.  The yellow really popped. I've also seen and loved B&W with blue and with purple.  And of course, red is the obvious choice.  
    Posted by MyNameIsNot[/QUOTE]

    Yup, anything.

    And why can't he just be a kid who watches from the sidelines.  Why does he have to be "incorporated"?
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    I'm using black and green.

    If he can walk down the aisle and stand quietly for the ceremony and for photos, he's old enough to be a groomsman ("junior groomsman" is the exact same thing).

    Or a ring bearer. Or, he could just walk down the aisle, sit in the audience with your parents, and then be in the processional and then the bridal party formal photos and still be a groomsman. The responsibilities would be the same either way, but maybe he'd feel like less of a "baby" if he were called a Groomsman like his brother, rather than Ring Bearer.

    Or get him a boutonniere and have him formally seat your mother. They can just hold hands in the processional and he can take her to her seat.
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    I'm doing black, white & silver. I think they all look elegant together, and it's easy to find silver wedding-related items. Plus I can use silver glitter on the branches in my centerpiece, and silver vases.

    Good luck.
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    I missed the second question.  The 10 year old can be a groomsman with his brother.
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    Almost any color will make a good accent color for the black and white.  If I had to choose, my favorites would be:

    hot pink
    light blue (or aqua)
    lime green
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    Oh, the 10 year old brother, first ask him if he WANTS to be in the wedding.  A ring bearer or usher would be possibilities. 
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    Do black white and whatever your fav. color is, my colors are black, ivory, & victorian lilac.. I have a nephew who will be ten almost eleven when I get married and I am making him an usher... you could also make him a jr groomsman just a thought.
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    Any color goes with black and white. The more vivd the color the more modern it looks. Using black and white with deep or muted tones will mkae everything more formal.

    As for the little brother, its unfair and inconsiderate as one poster suggested to make him sit on the sidelines when all his other brothers are involved in big brother's wedding. Really! At ten years old there are a host of things he can do and do quite well. Pass out programs to guests as they come in, hang coats and hats, or even be an usher...seriously, being an usher is not rocket science. Weddings are about family and families include children, no one with any decency would expect him to be perfect at anything and almost everyone would be impressed with his willingness to be involved. I think its wonderful that you wish to include him. Best wishes!
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    I think the 10 year old brother would be fine as a junior groomsman.  At my brothers recent wedding my nephew (8) was a junior groomsman and my neice (10) was a junior bridesmaid.  Both stood and were good for the ceremony however having him sit would be fine as well.  They were very excited to be in my Brother's wedding and are thrilled to have the same role in my wedding.  I think it's great to include all of those who are close to you...inlcuding children.
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