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skip unity candle song?

My wedding is about a month and I am making final decisions for the ceremony music.
We are lighting a unity candle but not doing communion. I thought maybe we could do "Love Never Fails" by Brandon Heath for the unity candle song but I keep thinking that it's going to take a minute at most (if that!) to light the candles. Is it awkward to just stand there while the song finishes or should we have it fade out or just skip the song all together?
I can't decide what to do. What do you think?
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Re: skip unity candle song?

  • I've been contemplating the same thing. As of now, we're going to skip an actual song....just do the lighting, have the officiant talk a little about it as we do it and just be done. Avoiding more awkwardness.....
  • Are you using pre-recorded music?  You could pick something instrumental and have the DJ just fade it out.  I've heard of someone who did one of their readings over the unity candle.  I think just silence would be awkward.
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  • Yeah it will be precorded. I think that fading it out is a good idea. My fiance and I are going to talk about it tomorrow. I just have a hard time finding instrumental music that I like.
    We are having a slideshow with pictures as well but that's before the ceremony starts.

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  • DD didn't have a song for the unity candle and no one missed it at all.
  • i am having one then me and shane are going to kneel while our live singers sing the song, that way we are not standing there, my mom and dad did that with there wedding to the same song and ppl still say that that was a sweet moment where they just had time to kneel face one another, while a beautiful sweet song was played (there is love. 
  • It takes all of 30 seconds to light the unity candle.  We skipped the music altogether.
  • I had no music to go along with mine. The whole thing takes a few seconds, and to me, doesn't need anything else to go along with it.
  • For my sister's wedding they did the unity candle and then signed all the papers, and I think they had 2 songs that covered all of this.....that way there was no silence for the candle lighting, and there was no awkwardly short song.

  • We have had a year full of weddings. (2 of fiances cousins as well as our upcoming wedding!) and threre was no music for the lighting of the candle. the officiant talked about the signifigance and then the candles were lit. Only took a few seconds. We don't plan on playing any music for the candle lighting as well.
  • We had our guitar player just do a small instrumental piece of her choice during the unity candle for the reason you mentioned.
    My aunt sang for my wedding and mom's main request was for her to sing Ave Maria at Communion because she does such an amazing job on it.  That song ran over as she sang, but I don't think anyone minded because people complimented us all night on how amazing that song was.  But that was also a live singer compared to a pre-recorded song. 
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  • We chose a song to play during the unity candle, but did fade it out, since the actual lighting only takes a few seconds, we didn't want to stand there doing nothing for 3 minutes. They let it play for a few seconds, and faded it out and it worked perfectly.
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  • FI & I picked a place in the song to have the tech person fade it out. I think it'll work great. The song clip will be about 1 minute. It's such a pretty song, I didn't want to not have it after I listened to it!
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  • Thanks for all the input :)
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