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unity candle?

We want to do a unity candle and give our moms flowers, but that only takes a little bit. This is the time that our soloist will sing. Does anyone have a suggestion of something we could do to fill up the time?  We haven't picked out a song yet.  Any suggestions for something that is on the short side?
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Re: unity candle?

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    I think that is plenty.  Just pick a song that is only 2-3 minutes long and take your time lighting the candle and doing the flowers.  Don't  plan something just to be filler.
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    I agree w/Daniel - the unity candle and rose ceremony will take up at least 2-3 minutes likely a little longer, she will have plenty of time to play during this
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    Here is what I saw a couple do after the unity candle ceremony in a wedding I went to recently-
     The couple stood in front of the unity candle, faced each other and held hands, while the soloist finished his piece. It didn't add another activity, but it still worked out fine.
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