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I am wondering if anyone has a Limo company that you would recommend.  I'm having a hard time - I've emailed several companies and no one has gotten back to me.  The only quote I have received back is from Celebrity Limo, but I have nothing to compare their rates to.  What is the average rate for 3 hours?

We are looking for 2 limos, 10 person and 14+ person, bc we have a large wedding party.  All destinations are close by each other in northern RI.

Any info would be super helpful! Thanks!

Re: Limo Recs

  • I used Rockstar and they were great. We did a trolley instead of the limo...much easier to get in and out of and had room for 30 people.
  • I would try Sentinel Limo at ww.sentinellimo.com. My friend used them and they were great.
  • I booked Arrow-Prestige in Warwick. Their rates were a bit better than most and they were very friendly, professional and helpful when I was making the reservation. 
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  • We are using Newport Trolley Service.  We got a really good deal for 4 hours and the trolley will hold all my bridal party without needing 2 cars
  • I second Rockstar.  They were great to work with.  We originally booked their 20 person limo bus but the A/C broke the night before and we ended up with the Rockstar bus which was awesome!
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  • For my daughter Sweet 16 I used Above all Transportation. They are located in MA. They were great and the driver oh my god, he was excellent!!!Smile
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