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Rhode Island

Towers for 180 Guests?

Hi All-
  I'm brand new to the blog. Looked at the Towers last weekend and fell in love but wondering about 180 guests.  Is is comfortable?  We will most likely have a young dancing crowd but cannot cut the list anymore, our ideal number is 200 guests.  Also, the liquor rule- any past brides feel like the event was too short or guests werent satisfied? Lastly, any other suggestions for a south county wedding for 180+? We are looking for a rustic/seaside feel on a budget. Maybe it's too much to ask haha. I appreciate any help :)

Re: Towers for 180 Guests?

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    I know that they advertise it as being 180- but I think that that is after they move tables from the dance floor so you can dance after eating- I don't think its super comfortable- I would suggest more like 150-160.  I know the Village Inn can fit that many guests but I dont know what shape it's in lately...
    What is your budget?

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    hello and welcome! this board is super helpful as you will find. i am not a towers bride but i did look there. we have a guest count of 150ish :) and we are anticipating maybe 125-130 guests. i think, and i think brides on here will agree with me - that 180 for the towers is much too large. not to rain on your parade, but i think it will be cramped. I went to a wedding up there with about 120 and it was good. but tight. i would suggest you look into kinney bungalow as well but it might be too small too. we wanted a south county wedding - but no venue we found we liked or was too small. also beware of no AC in the towers and the coordinator is kinda tough to get a hold off - although i've heard once you book your caterer they deal with her. best of luck!
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    Thank you for the info- I was afraid you all would say that haha. I am hoping to pay 3000 or less for the sight fee or more if the venue comes with tables, chairs, ect. I am going to check into kinney and village inn. URIsweethearts- where did you end up having your reception?

    Thanks ladies!
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    jbru416 - we ended up at atlantic beach club. it is over in middletown, almost right on the line of newport. they have a huge ballroom which more than accomodating to our guest list. it also has an ocean view, like what i wanted from narragansett. i really didnt want to end up in newport, because its so busy but this place isnt right downtown. we are getting a great deal having the wedding on a friday. but we have been to a lot of weddings there and for saturdays it is more than reasonable. FI wasnt crazy about it as first, but now we are really happy with our choice. there are also 2 hotels right across the street and others in middletown close by for all our guests to stay. that was another thing about narragansett for us - not a lot of hotels close. if you have any other questions - just ask! :) they have been great to work with!
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    We are having our ceremony/reception at Kinney Bungalow. For 180 people it definitely wouldn't work because it's over the limit, but if for some reason you can get down under 150 you should check it out.

    I don't know how many guests it would hold, but I would look into Easton's Beach Rotunda.

    Good luck! :-)
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    180 is def for a cocktail event, not sit down. Are you looking for 2013? Anyway.... Have you checked out the village inn? There really isnt anything else in south county, you may have to move to middletown. would also suggest Easton's rotunda and abc. They are both affordable e options.
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    I am getting married at Belle Mer on Goat Island in Newport.  I am getting married at the Island House, a small tent-like room that has a rustic feel to it as it has no walls and terra cotta like tiles on the floor.  I am having a Friday wedding on off-peak season and they rental rate is $3k, they also worked with me to bring the minimum down (you need to spend a certain amt there).  I absolutely love it!  It's on the water, private and a hotel within a 2 minute walking commute.  It also has tons of other hotels within a 10-15 min walk or a short ride away.  People usually don't consider it because they think it's expensive (which it can be), but the smaller Island House holds 180 (we are having 210, so it may be a little cramped).  I've noticed that Belle Mer has worked with me on EVERYTHING I've asked and after signing with them, they gave us a bottle of wine!  It's truly about the service there.
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