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May vs June wedding, help please.

Hi ladies,

you all have been very helpful thus far, so I thought I'd pick your brain for some advice. I have been engaged for 5 months now and had my heart set on a May wedding. I wanted to do the end of May sunday before memorial day in order to save money. But when I visited my venue, I was told that the flowers bloom in end of June beginning of July. I went with June 23rd. but I am afraid it will be too hot for the kind of wedding I want. For the life of me, I cant remember how green things get in May? What do you ladies suggest? I am sort of making these decision on my own and the indecision is crazy. I want to wait to view the place in May but I am afriad the date may get booked soon. So i need to make my decision very soon. Thank you all for your advice and help.
Thank you!

Re: May vs June wedding, help please.

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    I think that June is a little safer.  When I look outside right now everything is still pretty brown from the winter. 

    I was in a very similar situation going back and fourth between May and June for my outdoor ceremony.  We just booked June 9th.  I was worried about it being too cold in May for people to be sitting outside at 5-6pm and we have an amazing deck at the reception that I hope we can use.

    What time of day are you having the wedding?  By late afternoon to evening I think June 23rd will be a very comfortable temperature.
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    Unless it is unusually hot that day, weather is always tricky, I think June 23rd is perfect. August is the month to worry about heat, not June. You should be fine. Some things are just out of our control anyway... it could rain, be blistering hot, unseasonably cold- you just never know for sure. Besides, isn't June 23rd a Midsummer's day? Sounds kinda romantic to be married on that day...
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    My wedding is May 29th on Memorial Day weekend- the average temp is in the high 60s and low 70s. The record high for that day is 85 (according to weather.com) I am having a beach wedding so my only concern is if it rains, I won't be able to have a outdoor ceremony or have cocktail hour on the deck. I picked the date because of the long weekend  and the rates at Easton Beach Rotunda is less expensive in May on a Sunday than in June. The end of May is fairly green - my favorite blooms, Peonies have a fairly short season but they are available around this time.
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    Things are definitely in bloom in May and by Memorial Day. I always think there won't be leaves by the local public colleges' commencement (I work in higher ed), which are always the weekend before Memorial Day weekend, but things are always well "leafed out" by then.  Last year it was in the 70s and gorgeous on May 20. 

    Honestly, the last several Junes have been less than stellar. I remember when I was booking all of my vendors in 2009, I had a lot of appointments in June and all of the vendors were saying how June wedding bookings were actually down a little and how September and October had picked up because the weather in June is so unpredictable. Also, we looked at a lot of venues in May 2009 (got engaged that April) and we were looking on weekends and that was a gorgeous year for May! Last year was great, too; we always do something outside on Memorial Day and it's been beautiful the last few years.

    All of that said, I'm not sure how much money you'll save on the Sunday of a holiday weekend. We did the same thing, but most venues wanted the Saturday price for a Sunday of a holiday weekend. 

    Good luck with your decision!
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    Agree with the post above.  I feel like there have been a lot of really rainy Junes in the past.  My senior year of high school in NJ, I remember not being able to remember the last sunny day...and walking home for weeks on end in the rain.

    Two years ago I remember making <30% in the month of June than usual as a waitress in a tourism economy because of rain outs. 

    Last year the heat wave wiped out the rest of my June memories. 

    For either a May or June wedding in RI...I think the rain would be very probable
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    Thank you all for you advice, I am still needless to say torn between the two dates. I loved Nomer "midsummers day" comment. I have given myself till this Wednesday to make a decision. With trees, and flowers blooming now it has given me an idea of what it will look like in May. My fiance and I are both leaning towards the last weekend in May. I also have my guest to consider and it would be beyond selfish of me to have a sunday wedding and the last weekend in May will give them memorial day Monday off. :) thank you so much again for all of you help. I will let you all know what I decide on Wednesday.
    Thank you!
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