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Recently engaged. Looking to have a beach wedding in Myrtle beach but have no clue where to start on choosing a location. we are both NY residents. I have been told that only the North end of the beach allows chairs and groups. Need some help on getting started.

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    Welcome! You are correct about the North Myrtle Beach thing. My suggestion would be to just go online and look around at different locations...pick a few that you like and maybe come back and share them with us and we can tell you what we've heard about those places. Good luck! Some of the girls on here are having a beach wedding so maybe they can help you more than I can! Congrats on your engagement! 

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    I am having a wedding in Myrtle Beach! September 2011.  We have rented a beach house and plan on having the ceremony on the beach in front of the house.  Logistically, I am having some trouble trying to figure out a few details.  Any help would be appreciated. 

    1.  How to get older guests from the street to the sand, it is a bit of a walk, are golf carts allowed? Any other ideas?

    2.  What are some options for what to stand at or under? I was thinking of some kind of structure but I am lost there.

    3.  What is the best time of day for the ceremony? if we did the ceremony at 230pm, is 530 reception too late? The reception will be at the house we rented so the ceremony and reception are practically in the same place.  Do we just keep everyone around?  I am struggling with timing. 

    4.  Should I worry about entertainment? Like having a wii or games for the kids?

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    I'm getting married on March 11, 2011 in North Myrtle Beach.  Very close to Little River.

    I am getting married by Reverand Lamar Boulware from Seaside Wedding Chapel.

    @hmabb and Jen. The marriage license for out of state residence is $100.00 which you have to apply for, print it out online, send it in the mail after it's all filled out, and then you have to go down there and pick it up in person.

    The Seaside Wedding Chapel has many packages to choose from and they're not too expensive, considering you can spend $10ks on a regular wedding.  But a simple ceremony like mine is anywhere from $150-235.00  That includes some different things.  One thing is that the fee to have it on the beach is $35 plus the package you pick out.

    Getting older guests to the beach may be a little difficult depending on shoes and all that they'll be wearing.  In North Myrtle there is plenty of sand before the water and some of it is packed sand and some of it is soft.  I was just there a couple of weeks ago for my hair and makeup trial.

    If ya'll are looking for a place to do your hair and makeup, Exclusively You is the place to go.  They are fabulous and do a great job.  The girl that's doing my hair is Andrea.  The trial is $50 and the day of is $70.  If you choose to do your nails and hair the day of it's $110.  Not too bad since you're being treated like a queen.

    I'm actually getting married on the beach in a courtyard pier.  There is a place where you can get married in McClean Park.  It's a lake with a gazebo that you can get married on by the water, and there's a fountain in the lake too.

    I'm getting married at 1:00pm and that gives me plenty of time to get back to the house and have my cake cutting and get ready to go to our hotel for the weekend.  I'm not having a reception so I can't help you on timing and stuff.

    I do know that my ceremony will be one hour and that's with the pictures afterward.  So my whole event will be over by 2pm the latest.  What you may want to do is have like a cocktail hour while you get your pics done if you're having pics done on the beach.  This way your guests won't be waiting around long for you afterward.

    Also, I think having a game system for the kids is a great idea.  This way they'll be entertained while the reception is going on, even though everyone will be there. 

    Well I think that just about covers all of your questions.  If you think of anything else that you would like help with, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'm here to help ya'll anyway I can.

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    Well congrats and welcome! :)

    I am also having a beach wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC on April 3, 2011. My fiance and I live here, but we are not from here. So its like a destination wedding for all of our guests, whom are coming from Michigan, Florida, New England, and the southern states. So we wanted a place where everyone could stay at together, get married actually in the sand, and have the ceremony & reception at the same place, so we dont have to provide transportation.

    We chose Sea Watch Resort Plantation, part of Wyndham Resorts. Their address is in Myrtle Beach city limits, however they are privately owned. I say this because in Myrtle Beach city limits, no chairs/tents/lots of people, are allowed on the beach. Basically you can have a small ceremony of like 10 people (guests included) if you want a beach wedding in MB.....Unless you find a venue that is privately owned, then it doesnt matter, they have the say so, and most say YES! Haha. I found this out the hard way, but its okay. I love my lady at Sea Watch, her name is Mary Ann and she is great. They are very helpful, nice, and basically willing to do anything to keep you with them! Im not crazy about the reception hall, but it has a veranda overlooking the ocean where guests can go, and their rooms will be right upstairs! Haha so I like that alot!! They allow outside alcohol, but not outside food. (but the food guy is awesome, and we have our tasting next week, so I can relay whether its good or not lol)

    Our ceremony is on a Sunday, due to everyone travelling we wanted to give them time to get there! Haha, luckily the week of our wedding is most of our families kids spring breaks, so that helps alot! :) Our time right now is set for 6:15, we are trying to have "sunset" photos, with the sun setting in the background. And then reception time is 7:30. Our ceremony is going to be very short, about 15-20 minutes, and then we are allowing 45-hour for pictures. The reception is basically til we head to the hotel bar, haha. Our family and friends are big time partiers, us too when it comes to them, so its going to be a big fun party for everyone!

    We are using many of our friends/family for our "vendors" except for florists. However I can recommend them, because like any other business they have to start somewhere! :)

    Our photographer is Nicole Roloff of Something LIke Life Photography and she is amazing. She's quite new, but very good at what she does, and the best part----price. She is very reasonable and willing to work with you! Her website is

    Our florists is Dandelion Limited of Myrtle Beach. I just had my first appointment, next will be to put the deposit down. I really loved Barb, she knew what she was doing and willing to work within our budget. Their website is

    Our DJ is our friend Bernie, he is great and done many events here. If you are interested I can send you a message with his telephone number.

    We are having our rehearsal dinner at Ultimate California PIzza. We realized we scheduled our wedding during the Final Four Tournament, so its a must for my fiance to watch it on that Saturday! haha and (monday after the wedding lol). We arent very traditional, lol so we knew this place would be perfect for our family and friends.

    Hope this helps some love! :) Again congrats!

    First Date: June 8, 2009

    Engaged: January 16, 2010

    Tying the Knot: April 3, 2011

    Wedding Countdown Ticker Someone who does not run towards the allure of love walks a road where nothing lives.-Rumi
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    If you are still looking for photographer in Myrtle Beach area... 

    Check out with Pasha Belman Photography

    He was nominated number Photographer on the Grand Strand in 2010 by WMBF News.. you can visit their local website.. 
    Amazing Myrtle Beach Photographer :) 
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    I have a blog with a list of great places to get married. I'm doing mine at a beach house in Myrtle Beach. The only bummer is that you can't have many chairs for the ceremony. I was bummed a little but we'll make it work.

    Happy Planning :)
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    We're also doing a wedding at a beach house. I was told that you can set up around 6-12 chairs for elderly people attending the wedding. The place where we're getting married is right next to a huge opening from a parking lot so there aren't stairs to get to the beach from the house.

    I'm planning on having a late afternoon ceremony with a reception immediately following so that people don't have to worry about traveling to and from as much. If you are near where guests will be staying, they can go and hang out at their hotels until your reception starts.

    As far as entertainment, we are having a DJ. I'm not worrying about kids, etc. I've told several family members and friends that we prefer kids not come but some people are insistent on bringing them along. I figure if they bring them then that's their worry to keep them entertained!

    Hope this helps you Smile
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    My nephew Jeff Cline would be a good place to start.  He is the manager of Palmetto Properties at North Myrtle Beach area.  I have rented one of the houses he manages for my rehearsal, wedding, reception and it sleeps our entire wedding party.  

    Right now they have 29 weddings scheduled for 2011.

    Go to his website which is and take a look.  We are using the Richmond House.

    I am so excited. 
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    Another option is The Island Vista Resort.  That is where we chose to get married.  They are in the city limits so we are getting married on the ocean front lawn area. 
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    local photographer
    he did our engagement shoot. hes awesome.
    prices rock too.
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    If you are looking for a photographer check out Brittany Mauldin Photography

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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:123Discussion:08b7e6cd-3dce-4027-b51e-4db9098db302Post:49da483d-f6da-4f12-b24c-a72ed475b3af">Re: Myrtle Beach wedding</a>:
    [QUOTE]My nephew Jeff Cline would be a good place to start.  He is the manager of Palmetto Properties at North Myrtle Beach area.  I have rented one of the houses he manages for my rehearsal, wedding, reception and it sleeps our entire wedding party.   Right now they have 29 weddings scheduled for 2011. Go to his website which is and take a look.  We are using the Richmond House. I am so excited. 
    Posted by GayleD3[/QUOTE]

    Totally agree!  I have a friend that had a wedding at one of his properties last year and it was great!!!  Perfect, right on the beach :)
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