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Murrels Inlet/Litchfield Beach Hair and Transportation

Does anyone know anything about Elite Retreat in Litchfield Beach? I am planning my wedding from abroad and the salon originally recommended to me was booked, so I am probably going to use Elite Retreat but am looking to see if anyone has any advice? Also, what is everyone doing for transportation in Murrells Inlet/Myrtle Beach? My venues are quite close together and it seems wasteful to pay a limo driver for 5 hours when we will be in the car more 5 minutes. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Murrels Inlet/Litchfield Beach Hair and Transportation

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    Elite is a very good Salon. I recomend Stox and Co,the are in the shops right behind where Elite is. Other Salons in that area are Beautiful and Versailles. There is a solon in Penny's at the mall that is close and reasonable. I used a limo service that was very reasonable. Call David @ 424-0907. Tell him you got the number from [email protected] Island Bar. Also, there is a local service that has limos, either Anchor or American. Feel free to email me if you need more help. Also, I do Bachelorette parties. Myrtle Beach Party Gal [email protected]
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