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Worry about anti-semitic venue

I am Jewish and my fiancé is Catholic, and although our wedding will be secular, people have started telling me that we might have a problem with country clubs or golf clubs that wont allow me there because of my family’s faith. We currently live in San Diego as my fiancé is in the Navy (Charleston is the next stop), so I really have no one to ask and I’m hoping someone can give me a heads up if they’ve heard anything on this matter. I guess I’m pretty naïve about this because I hadn’t even considered it, I like to think in 2009 we’re past this (!!) but a bunch of people have suggested that I might need to broaden my search because of this. I’d love any help or advice!

Re: Worry about anti-semitic venue

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    Thank you!! Yes I definitely don't want to support any anti-semitic venue but I do understand that sometime in the past they probably all were- it just depends how far in the past that was, I guess. I'd love to know the name of that second place you referred to before if you ever figure it out. Thanks again for your honesty, being across the country and planning a wedding is really difficult so I need all the help I can get with this!
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    I've never had any experience with this but I imagine any venues that are like that are going to be super exclusive, as in you have to be a member or be sponsored by a member to even have an event there.  Just a thought. 
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