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Our wedding is just over 2 months out and we have still yet to decide on some ceremony details. We know we want 2 readings (one biblical and one secular) and 2 songs (one christian/gospel/worship and one secular). We have picked out the one secular song (you'll always be my best friend by relient k and we have narrowed down our choices for the secular reading, but we are at a loss for the other two! We are some of the last of our good friends to get married and don't want to choose the typical passages for love and marriage or passages they were at their weddings.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a worship kind of song (my friend will sing it live) and a bible passage that has not been read at a ton of weddings?! I would like for it to talk about the meaning of unity. 

Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Romans 12: 9-21

    Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

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    I don't have my ceremony with me, but we're using a reading that talks about how when 2 people have to hold up a roof, they take turns and when 1 person's arms get tired, the other is there to take over, and when 2 people sleep alone they get cold but if they sleep together, they keep each other warm. 
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