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Real petals vs fake petals for the aisle?

Instead of doing an aisle runner we are planning on scattering rose petals down the aisle for our ceremony.  Has anyone used either real or fake petals for something like that, and have a strong argument either for or against?  I'm leaning towards the fake since it seems that real petals would have the potential for turning brown, but I've never been to a wedding where this has been done so I don't know if there's a reason why one might be better than another?

Thanks for your input!

Re: Real petals vs fake petals for the aisle?

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    It depends on priorities and color. Pale roses will brusie easily and you will have a soggy mess on your hands but they are biodegradable so there is that.

    Fake petals I think would look just as good and not smoosh, but then what do you do with them?

    Either way though, PRETTY!
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    Fake. Real ones could turn brown and bruise and look like crap. We doing a similar thing only we are lining the isle with petals.
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    Depends on where you're putting them - if you're going to walk over them, then fake for the bruising reason.

    If you're just putting them down the sides of the aisle where no one will walk on them, they should be fine for the length of the ceremony.

    However, check with your venue on what they allow. I have to use real petals because it's required by my venue. Fake ones aren't biodegradable and have to be picked up by hand. Real ones can either be blown into the landscape or mowed over.
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    My choice would be for fake, but it depends on your venue!  Rose petals can stain the floor so some places require that you use fake (or nothing).

    I recommend for ordering petals!  They have fake ane freeze-dried petals to choose from!
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    Your venue may prohibit real or even fake ones. We used fake leaves and it worked great! I don't believe anybody will notice fake flowers.
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    Real ones look slightly prettier... unless they bruise, in which case they don't.

    Dark colored ones, like red roses can also stain the floor and possibly even the hem of your dress.
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    Fake plus heard you could slip

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    We lines the aisle with real petals, they were orange, and there was no bruising. Our venue was outside and not very strict though, so make sure to check with yours on what's allowed.
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    Depends on your venue

    Indoors normally require fake since real petals will stain the flooring.

    Outdoors normally require real since they are biodegradable. 

    Some venues don't allow anything at all. 
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    I would go with fake petals because between staining and bruising I feel there is to much of a chance that they would get messed up and not look so pretty
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    if your worried about price... go fake. In my small town real flowers cost almost 3 times as much Yieekkssss!!!Surprised
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    We've used real petals before that do not stain or get bruised. Rose, delphinium, and most real petals bruise especially freeze dried ones. Fake petals are ok but I think for a special occasion you just don't want OK you want something that represents you as a person a but more natural. So I'd go with real petals  that don't turn brown when bruised and are not that expensive.

    You can try real bougainvillea petals these do not bruise, turn brown or stain. Just let me know and I'll let you know you can get some. They come in various colours as well. So what colour scheme are you going with?
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