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Printing/Cutting at Staples, etc.

Hi ladies,I am looking to have my programs printed and cut at someplace like staples, office max, kinkos, etc.  Anyone have any recommendations based on price and a job well (or poorly) done?Thank you.

Re: Printing/Cutting at Staples, etc.

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    Hi!Staples is wonderful!  They cut my menu papers, my program papers and various other things...  If you are in the Albany area, the CLIFTON PARK office is the best...  I can give you the name of the guy who did all of it for us.Cheers,mary
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    I did everything myself, but for our programs I didn't want to have to deal with it, so we went to the UPS store.  They had the lowest price we could find ($0.48 per color page) and did a GREAT job.  Fast turnaround too.
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    Are you in Roch? If so I'd highly recommend Printing Plus on White Spruce Blvd (near MCC)We had our DIY invites, direction cards, rsvps all printed and cut thereOn our DIY programs we were having trouble with a photo of our church on the front and they Photoshopped it for us at no extra charge before printing them out.
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