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dress alterations and cleaning is Syracuse

I didn't buy my dress from a bridal salon (running of the brides) and so I need recs for alterations.  It also needs some spot cleaning and I'm hesitant to just drop it off at a dry cleaners that I have no idea about.  Any recs?

Re: dress alterations and cleaning is Syracuse

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    NYBride in N. Syr. is awesome!  i got my dress there (loved it), did my alterations there (perfection), and they were even able to get out a few spots found on the dress after shipping (i was freaked out, but they got it).  i highly recommend this place! the only thing i don't know, is if they alter dresses that weren't bought there.  i would give it a shot though.  good luck!
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    I really like them too.  I was going to get my dress there and I'll get my bridesmaids dresses there, but they won't alter or clean dresses they didn't sell.  Oh well.  Thanks for the suggestion though
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    A friend of mine had her dress altered at "A fitting Solution" and it looked fabulous. Based on how great hers looked - I had a fitting solution complete the hem on my hand made dress. The owner's a little flight but does fantastic work and is very affordable. HTH
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    Eye of the needle ask for cheryl 488 3446 well priced!
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