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Spa City Duo

Has anyone used them??I'm looking for musicians for our outdoor ceremony in Saratoga Springs and considering them.  Any feedback of other recomendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Hey! Sorry... but this isn't a response to your post... disappointing I know ;) But I was looking at your planning bio and am curious about one of your bridesmaids dresses. What designer, etc. is the last one on the bottom right? The green and blue one? I'm considering something similar for my girls but also love this one because of the 2 colors. Any info would be great. THANKS!
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    Hi! It's Jim Hjelm occassions.  I looove Jim Hjelm and the dresses are wonderful quality.  Check out the website.. =)
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    Just wanted to add.. click on occassions from the main page.  Then go to bridesmaids, then best selling styles.  That dress is about a quarter of the way down. 
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    I had a good friend of mine do the music for our ceremony and she was fantastic.  She's a classically trained violinist.  Everybody loved it.  Email me at srblack72 at gmail dot com if you want her contact info.
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