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Florists in saratoga area??!?!?

Im not from north country lol. FI and i are getting married in saratoga, and we need to start looking for flowers! anyone know any good ones is saratoga area??

Re: Florists in saratoga area??!?!?

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    I'm using (and quite a few girls have used/are using) Margette from Clifton Park Price Chopper. It's about 15 minutes from Saratoga. I've heard good things about some of the other Price Choppers in the area as well. Hope that helps! :-)
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    hi Kristi, my florist, Linda from Flowers Forever by Linda did a FANTASTIC job at our sunday wedding (calla lily centerpieces and my bouquet + roses for bridal party). She also did the ceremony arrangements and wedding canopy and it was all beautiful. I am waiting for some more pics from our photog but if you have any questions, please page me.
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    We also used Margette at Price Chopper in Clifton Park Center. At first, I was weary of Price Chopper but my venue didn't recommend anyone else - they said to book her early because she was the best and most affordable...and we did. I am SO pleased with her work. Our flowers were stunning and really budget friendly for what we got! My Married Bio has pictures :)
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    thanks everyone, ill check them out!
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    My friend just got married and used Meme's in Corinth. The bouquets were beautiful!
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    haha, hi jenn!  (I'm the friend).I LOVED LOVED LOVED Meme's!!!  We just got back from our honeymoon at 4am today but I will be posting pics in my bio ASAP.  I HIGHLY recommend them.  Bobbie is fantastic.Updated bio coming soon!  We had a FANTASTIC day and a great honeymoon!
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    We used White Cottage Gardens out of's a small place but the designers work in NYC part time.  They were really amazing...a big city feel for little city price and very very creative.
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