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FI wanted to get our cake at CoccaDotts (Albany) but our venue is too far away and I didn't want to pay $250 for the delivery. So I decided to order a "grooms cake" which is just a 10 in round in the flavors he really wanted and it will be decorated like a basketball. It is a surprise and I'm really excited about it.I ordered the cake 2 months ago and called today to pay for it. The lady who answered the phone took my credit card and then I said, "Can you just confirm that it is chocolate cake with orange creamsicle mousse filling?". She said, "Oh honey, we can't do mousse in a round cake. It will slip and won't hold it's shape." WHAT? I ordered it in July and now you are telling me this? So I persisted and told her that in July when I was in, they understood exactly what I wanted and told me they could do it. I tried to be nice about it so that she wouldn't get upset with me. She asked me to hold and then went to ask about it. She came back to the phone and apologized - it CAN be done. Phew! So I'm glad it is all going to work out, but I'm also glad that I didn't take "no" for an answer! I know they do nice cakes there, but I've had quite a few problems communicating with them. I just hope that when FI's aunt picks it up, it will be what I ordered!

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    It's really possible she didn't know the answer since many fillings can't go with certain cakes. She may be new or not know the "menu" 100%. But then again, owning a small business myself, I come to be a little more realistic/patient about small mishaps.Glad that the issue was avoided but I never had any issue there at all and everything was perfect.
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    You should be okay- it was probably just a dumb employee.  If you're really nervous try and get the order in writing.
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    It was Rachel's mother. I've had issues before with her but you are right, it looks like everything is going to be okay so I'm happy with that.
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