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Photographer Suggestions Albany, NY

I am having such a difficult time choosing a photographer. I want a professional that offers great packages/pricing ($2,000 ish) and high quality. Someone that has a fun, energetic personality and will be courteous to my family and guests. Any suggestions?


Re: Photographer Suggestions Albany, NY

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    Keira Lemonis. We Loved her! I've got pics in my home bio and on my blog. (Both links in signature)
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    Matt and Leah Bailly! Prices are amazing, energy is amazing and their pics are freakin awesome!
    Since these new boards I havent put up my bio again, but you can see my pics at www.baillyphoto.com

    Good luck! There are a lot of great photogs out there, but I am biased! Loved them!
  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    I second Matt and Leah.  They also did our pictures and my family said such complimentary things about their professionalism.  It would be worth checking them out.  I did not find Matt and Leah at first and had booked someone else.  The we did our engagement pics with Matt and I thought he did a great job.  A few months later our photographer backed out of the contract and so I contacted Matt right away.  I was very upset about losing our photographer, but looking back I am sooooo happy that it happened.
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    I second Keira Lemonis!!!
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    I used Alisha Clark and loved her

  • SMF91010SMF91010 member
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    Thank you so much for these tips ladies! I will definitelty look at them now!
  • trecky11021trecky11021 member
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    We booked Dino Petrocelli.  Really really good.  The photographer was my "upscale" item.  Thats really the only thing that will last.  I hate the traditional cheesy photos!

  • beau511beau511 member
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    Paul Saunders!! I love him! and my friends have booked him and love him too. Check out his website and def give him a call. He's fantastic, personality, images and everything.
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