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ELOPING...... BACKWARDS!! Help Please

So my Fiance and I are heading back to my hometown to get hitched! We really dont have much money and will be there for a week. We decided just yesterday that we were going to really do this while we are up there visiting. Our flight leaves at around 1 this afternoon!  Yesterday, I was busy finding a dress (settled on a bridesmaid dress) and we got our rings.... (our jeweler actually let us take a ring for me as a loaner due to my ring not being completed yet and my Fiances' Dad actually had one he was going to give him anyway!!!)

So we are heading to Upstate NY from central Texas here in a few hours, but I'm at a bit of a loss on what we should do. Like I said, we dont really have the money for a big, festive soiree. We both have been married before, so it works for us. I would like to figure something out to possibly have dinner at a local restaurant, but we cant really pay for anyone else and I dont want to sound rude. Anyone have any advice on how to handle this or what I should do?? BTW, I havent told any of my family of our upcoming plans yet.  

Re: ELOPING...... BACKWARDS!! Help Please

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