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inexpensive Florist in the area???

Hey guys! Can anyone recommend me a florist in the area??? I know nothing abour floral arrangements and I dont even know where to begin!!

Re: inexpensive Florist in the area???

  • Where upstate are you?

  • I'm not sure where in the area you are, but we're working with White Cottage Gardens in Amsterdam (  The website still says that they are on route 30 in Amsterdam, but they recently moved to Guy Park Ave in Amsterdam. Bob has been great to work with and he's been very reasonable / conscious of our budget.
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  • Price of your bouquets depends on what flowers you choose. Orchids and cala lilies a pretty pricy, daisies and spray roses are on more affordable side.

    A good friend of mine used them, and she got an insane amount of really great stuff for a better price then she found anywhere else. They also showed up with 4 extra free things for the sign in table, bathrooms and somewhere else, I forget. I'll ask her for some pictures when they are done.
  • Anthology Studio in Schenectady is fabulous. Very very talented and will do all your work custom instead of ordering out of a catalog. They were a lot cheaper than I thought they were going to be!
  • We are using price chopper...sounds wierd but thy have done so many of my friends flowers and they look amazing and are soooooo reasonable!
  • We are using Diane's Floral Designs - very decent. All my flowers for just under $400.00 (my bouquet, corsages for both mothers, flowers for the guys. Bridal party with B & G included 8)
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