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Much to my own surprise, it's starting to look like I've found The Dress at David's Bridal, of all places. I'm a bit nervous about pulling the trigger, though, since I've heard some pretty negative things, especially about their alterations department.

Has anyone here bought a gown and/or had alterations done at the David's in Albany? Or could anyone recommend a good, affordable, independent seamstress for my alterations if I do decide to get this gown?

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Re: Alterations...?

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    Hey pockysquirrel, nice to see you again ;)  I was just like you, and worried about the alterations dept at the Albany location, but I bought my dress anyway.  I say go ahead and buy the dress (never pass up a good deal, especially if it's THE DRESS you love), you can always find a great seamstress later. 
    That being said, not sure if I can help much, but I went to Nitaya's Custom Sewing (Albany) about a BM dress for a wedding I was in and she was great.  I'll be going to Marilyn's in Freehold as I live closer to Columbia County and I've heard great things about her (she was seamstress for a coworker's daughter's wedding a few months ago and they raved about her).  HTH

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    DO NOT have your alterations done there. Buy they dress, but get it altered somewhere else. The completly ruined a prom dress of mine. Like cut off the train ruined. And that night there were three other proms and two brides crying because our dresses were destroyed. I had two days to find a new dress and they tried to tell my mom she had to wait a month for her refund. So yeah, just don't do it.

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    @littleluckypenny - Nice to see you, too. :) And thanks for the suggestions. I will probably go with Nitaya's just because Freehold is a little far for me to be making multiple trips to for fitting appointments. But I'll probably talk to and price both.

    @dramaqueen - Yikes! Sorry you had to go through that. Thanks for sharing, though. That's exactly the kind of horror story I'm hoping to avoid.
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