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Finger Lakes Wineries - Wine favors

Hi all,

I am looking for wineries in the Finger Lakes region who bottle 375ml bottles or smaller, either with or without custom labels, to be used as favors at my wedding.  I have contacted the Wine Trail Association for each lake but have been unsuccessful in identifying which wineries produce small bottles.

Any information from past experience or ideas would be helpful!  Thank you! Smile


Re: Finger Lakes Wineries - Wine favors

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    You should probably contact Wagners, when we did our tasting I feel like I remember them stating VERY specifically that no alchohol from other places would be allowed to be brought in.

    Edit: Double checked my contract. "No other alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the Wagner Vineyards property." And we were told that applies to favors when we asked about favor pricing, since people could in theory open favors during the reception.
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  • When we booked Wagners I specifically asked about purchasing their wine as favors, they do not make small wine bottles anymore.  Wagners suggested Bellhurst or Bully Hill - neither of which have wines that we are fond of.

    Thanks for the input though!

    Anyone else? Suggestions?

  • I talked this this guy about making our own wine and I am pretty sure he had many sizes and they are very reasonable   [email protected]

    We have a year so aren't making a decision yet but are considering wine as favors too

    Good luck!
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  • We are doing wine bottles as favors for our upcoming wedding and we looked at Swedish Hill and Hazlitt. We ended up going with Hazlitt. They give you a 15% discount for purchasing the mini bottles in bulk and the labels are $30 plus $0.85 a label (this includes the design fee, printing, and applying them to your bottles), but they are great to work with during this process! I hope that helps :-)
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  • Very helpful! Thank you!
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