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Processional Question

So I am not sure how everyone is to walk down the aisle since our wedding party is really untraditional.  On my side I have a MOH, my brother, and my best guy friend.  On my FI side is his best man, sister and one groomsman.  I don't want to guys to stand up at the altar since there are guys on both sides. 

My thoughts were to just have them walk individually or have the two guys on each side escort each girl.  If they walk in two groups of three I think my concern is it will be really short. 

Welcome to any other ideas!

Re: Processional Question

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    I think walking in individually is fine.  But I also think it could be cool to have the Best Man escort the groom's sister, then they go stand on his side, and have your brother escort your MOH to stand on your side, followed by your best guy friend.   

    OR, your brother could escort your Mom (if she doesn't have an escort alrady), and your guy friend can escort your MOH.  
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    I'm having a similar group of people. Why not just have the groom's side stand as is traditional. Just because a woman is one of me doesn't mean you can't. Or like PP just have them walk individually. I think I'm just biased towards people walking by themselves.
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