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Changing my middle name?

I was looking at a copy of the state marriage license form, and I noticed that it doesn't provided a space for a new middle name, just "first/middle/maiden" and then "new surname."  But I really, really want to change my middle name, too, while I'm at it, 'cause I've always hated my middle name.

It says in the state law that "Every person has the right to adopt any name by which he or she wishes to be known simply by using that name consistently and without intent to defraud."  So does that mean that I could just put "first/newmiddle/maiden" on that top line, and that would document the change I want?  I'm worried about the DMV giving me trouble about the new middle name if it's not documented on the marriage license.
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Re: Changing my middle name?

  • My friend was able to do it  after her wedding. However, she hypenated her middle name with her husbands last name, or took her mainden name and hypenated it with her middle name. It's horrible I don't know this!  I have no idea what the logistics were though.
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    I'm going through this process right now.  Many of my friends who hyphenated have told me not do it due to all the problems they've had.  In order to include your maiden name as your middle name you need to petition for a name change.  The documents and instructions should be online at
  • If I'm really forced to do a legal name change (ergh, stupid state), when should I do it? 

    Now, so when I get married, I can use the license for proof of my new name and it'll have my new middle name on it?  (But if I change my middle name now, do I have to change all of my documentation twice?  Or is it alright if my legal name doesn't match my documents for a period of months?)

    Or later, after the wedding, meaning that the whole documentation-change process will be delayed, I'll have the old name on the marriage license and I won't be able to use the license to change my documentation?
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  • I believe you have to wait til after the marriage since you technically don't use your FI last name yet and it isn't official (no marriage license). 
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