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I'm seeking some input on bakers for our wedding cake. Originally I thought we were going to go with Walker Cake Co., but then was turned off by some poor customer service. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of them? Also, I've heard mixed reviews for Lori Legott in Geneva. I have heard her cakes are delicious and reasonably priced, but that her response time to questions and dependability are questionable. Any input would be helpful! Thank you!!

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    Hi Lyndsay,

    I have not heard of Walker Cake Co. so I can't speak for them.  However, I have seen people complain about Lori's responsiveness on The Knot but  we used her anyway and encountered zero issues.  Maybe she changed her tune because she responded to our e-mails within 1-3 business days.  We never had to call her because she was so prompt with the e-mails.  We set up a meeting with her at her store about 2 months prior to our wedding to design our cake, sent in our deposit about two weeks before and they delivered our cake on time and she decorated it beautifully.  Not to mention, the cake was delicious!  I highly recommend her.  I have heard excellent reviews about Ithaca Bakery as well.  Best of luck!
  • Thanks for the information! If you don't mind me asking, did you have a cake with fondant icing? And what flavor did you choose that you enjoyed so much?

    Thank you!
  • I made an appointment with Lori, she called the day before to reschedule, we rescheduled and she cancelled again. After her 3rd time cancelling, I gave up. I have a while before I absolutely need to meet with her, it was just really annoying. Her cake is amazing though!
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  • I have read similar things to what you've said. That just really makes me nervous, and I don't know if the stress is worth the hassle. Thanks for your input on your experience!
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    We did not have the fondant, just an ivory frosting w/ two strawberry layers and one chocolate layer.  It was absolutely delicious and I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I tried to attach a picture...

    It's weird how she cancelled on you 3 times especially since we had a good experience with her.  I can see your hesitancy in booking her, but I am wondering if it's because there is still quite a bit of time from now until your wedding.  We ran into this with our florist.  I tried to book them about 9 months before our wedding and they said it was too early to secure the date and to call back when we were about 6 months out. 

    As for Lori, we secured the date four months in advance and met with her to design the cake two months prior to the wedding.

    Good luck to you both!
  • Thanks so much for including the picture! It looks awesome! I will keep her on my list and see how it goes.  Thank you again!
  • We're using Walkers for our cake and cupcakes - I'm sorry to you had a poor experience, ours has been completely opposite. I'll make sure to post pictures in a month.
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