Wedding shower games

I'm hosting a bridal shower coming up and am looking for some unusual, fun shower games. Any suggestions?

Re: Wedding shower games

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    The only shower I've ever been to was my own this past weekend so I don't have much to offer - but we did play some fun games.

    1. My MOH sent my FI 20 questions to answer (like where was your first kiss, what's my fav movie, etc). At the shower she asked them to me and if i got it wrong i had to put a marshmallow in my mouth. Well i ended up getting 7 wrong and i only did half marshmallows but my mouth was full!! It was pretty funny.

    2. My shower was international/travel themed so they had a game with different countries flags with words about love/marriage in the native language and then we had to match the english word to the foreign word.

    3. My mom scanned about 15 pictures of me ranging from 10 months - 17 years old and everybody was given a packet. We had to put what ages they thought i was and then see who got the most right. Pretty sad when my next door neighbor I've known for 6 months got the most and I only got ONE right - haha it was pretty funny

    4. The toilet paper wedding dress game - it was a little different because each group was assigned a country to go along with the travel theme, so there was japan, india, greece - it was pretty funny!!

    All I can say is that i really hate all the attention on me and there were 24 people there but I had SO much fun!! Also, the guests were given a country in their invitation to try and coordinate their gift with - so when I opened the gifts I had to guess the country - pretty fun!
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