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does this sound strange?

we are having trouble deciding on moh and bestman... everyone seems to think they are entitled for the parts and are bickeering uncontrollably. would it be too strange to not have any bridesmaids or groomsmen?

Re: does this sound strange?

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    I don't think so.  I've heard a lot of women on here that aren't having bridal parties.  It's your wedding, and completely up to you!
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    Actually thats exactly what I wanted to do, but my mother begged me to have at least one bridesmaid and groomsman so thats what we settled on. But if you want not to have any thats perfectly fine, it can actually be more intimate(thats why I didnt want one). But you will need someone to sign as a witness on your license and thats it if you decide not to have a wedding party.
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  • leighbee99leighbee99 member
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    i agree with PPs. do whatever you want! :)
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    That's not strange at all. It's your wedding and if you want a MOH and BM then whoever you pick is who you want. If the other people can't get over it then it's not your problem. I hope everything works out in your favor. It will. Just remember...it's YOUR wedding and no one can tell you otherwise. Good luck, girl :)
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  • pandakppandakp member
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    No, it's not strange.  But remember, the MOH and best man are usually who throw your pre-wedding parties.  Will you want to just throw them yourself and invite those closest to you?  All up to you!  :-)
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