Yes, we had tables of 10. Not all of them, but just 3 that I didn't want to separate the people.  I was at first worried that 10 to a table would be too "squeezed in" but others here (and our venue) assured us as long as it's a 66" table, it's perfectly fine. As for the look, you asked if it seemed too crowded. That's kind of subjective: Our tables were, as you can see, "filled", but everyone seemed to love that overall look of abundance.  I guess it depends on if you want to go for the "clean, simple and understated" look or the more "lavish, old-fashioned" look that I was seeking.I used the free and easy seating arrangement program at marthastewart.com (highly reccommended, just drag and drop!) for our guests, and I went to great lengths to make sure people were seated with their friends/family.  It was so worth it!

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