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Ok I really dislike the idea of bubbles, but if I have to have them I WANT them to work. Is it a bad idea to get a bubble machine? The church won't let us throw anything and I do not want to use bells. Any other suggestions? balloons or doves either. The bubbles will make a good picture IF they work so I thought of a cheap bubble machine. Bad idea? THANKS!
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Re: bubbles?

  • ok lol sorry. I meant I would have a bubble machine AS WELL AS have the guests blow bubbles. That way no matter what there will be bubbles for pictures. I don't want two bubbles in my photos because the lungs of my guests couldn't blow the cheap bubbles I will look bad to me. I wanted to know if that will look cheesy having a bubble machine sitting outside or something. Not to mention I have heard horror stories of ladies who used bubbles on their wedding day and the bubbles didn't work or even worse the bubbles got on the camera lense and the photographer didn't notice and all of their pictures turned out horrible. Plus I read on one of these boards about the bubbles sticking on everything and messing up your wedding dress or whatever. I have also seen beautiful photos with bubbles, so i know it could work out well. I just wanted advice. I don't want to leave it to luck on my wedding day.  
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  • I'm having my guests throw flower petals as FI and I walk out of the church. But the bubble machiene sounds like a good idea too. I think bubbles at a wedding is a cute idea, my friend did that and it was so fun! It will make great pictures! Congrats!
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  • we're making ribbon wands :)

  • Unless you've got money to waste, I would just let the guests blow their bubbles and not get a machine to do it. Tell your photographer you want as many bubbles as possible in the shot and he can get your guests to blow at the same time or something. Just a thought. I am going with bubbles as well. I can't have sparklers at my venue, which is really want I wanted! :)
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  • By the way, we're getting married on the same day! Laughing
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:10Discussion:8d2d4cd0-4f8c-430e-ae22-7b3f928db3f5Post:cb803f64-2292-40af-89f1-569df58d343c">Re: bubbles?</a>:
    [QUOTE]By the way, we're getting married on the same day!
    Posted by cfdittrich[/QUOTE]

    lol I love it!! Congrats!!

    I actually found a bubble machine for like $17 on the wedding channel I think. Which is something I can afford.
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  • We are having an outdoor ceremony, so we are going to use sparklers. I like the bubble idea alot, but I had the same concerns about the bubbles staining our clothes, or getting one in the eye or something lol.
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  • StageManager is right, I think it will be fine without machienes. I'm sure whoever you're using for your photographer has experience taking pictures withbubbles, if they are a professional wedding photographer. They probably know how to get the best shots with lots of bubbles! Dont worry! Have funSmile
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:10Discussion:8d2d4cd0-4f8c-430e-ae22-7b3f928db3f5Post:b02ccf1c-b658-41cc-8803-b1c1e1aed2f9">Re: bubbles?</a>:
    [QUOTE]The cheaper personal bubble machines aren't likely to give you the look you want.  To ensure that you are surrounded by bubbles, you'll need a professional one like DJs use. But, for what it's worth, I've never seen a photographer not catch a good photo with lots of bubbles when the B&G use them.  So, I think you're overthinking it a bit.
    Posted by StageManager14[/QUOTE]

    of course I am over thinking it a bit. lol. I am still a year away from my wedding and trying to make sure I over think everything. I'll take your advice and leave the machines out. Plus your probably right about the cheaper machines not giving me the look I want, makes sense. Well this is why I ask. I don't want to waste my money on a bad idea. Thanks all of you.
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  • I was at a wedding where a 19 yr-old guy thought it would be funny to throw the liquid in the bubble bottle all over the bride's satin dress. The stain was there all night. From that day on, I nixed bubbles at my wedding. As long as that idiot isn' at your wedding, your guests will be fime making bubbles for your photographer to catch.  Alternatives to throwing items would be ribbon wands or sparklers
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