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Hey knotties.

I found out there is a 72 hr waiting period from the time you get your license to when you have your wedding in Texas.

Problem is...I LIVE IN KENTUCKY but am getting married in Austin.  I already booked my flight.


1. Does your fiance have to be there with you in person to get it?
2. Can I put a different date on application?  Howwould they know?  (my cousin is marrying us and I don't think he would even notice if I extended the date one day to meet the 72 hr deadline)
3.  If I am getting married in Hays County, can I go to Travis County to get it?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated! 
Oct 15 is just around the corner! :)

Re: H-E-L-P...Marriage License

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    My understanding is that you are able to get your license 30 days to 72 hours before your wedding date. Is there any chance that you and your FI are coming to Texas in that window to meet with vendors, etc.?
    Here's a link to Hays county requirements (scroll down to bottom): http://www.co.hays.tx.us/index.php/government/county-clerk/county-clerk-records-division/

    To respond to your questions:
    1. I believe no matter where you are in Texas, both you and your FI have to be there to receive it. We went last week and we both had to sign off on the paperwork to make sure the info we had on our certificate was correct.

    2. Unfortunately, I don't think I would put a different date on the application since this is a public record (and to me it would seem like lying to the state). I guess maybe you could ask the clerk?

    3. I believe you have to go to the county where you are getting married in to get your license. I know my friend who lived in Travis County got married out in Dripping Springs at the Terrace Club and they had a marriage license from Hays County - not Travis.

    I would probably call the Hays County Clerk's office to get more info. As a last resort, are you open to changing your flight?

    HTH and good luck!

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    And you can get a liscence in any county and be married any where in the state as long as its after your 72-to waive the 72hours and the fee you can go to these classes but they are rather expenvise and seeing that you are out of state, inconvienant
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    I agree with PP, you can get your license in any county because it is a STATE record.  I called Hays county clerk office to verify because I live in Dallas County.  When we applied for our license, I thought we would have to wait 72 hours to pick it up, but they gave it to us right away.  As long as you can get it at least 3 days before the wedding, but no greater than 30 days, you should be alright.



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    I read something when I was looking to get mine that you can apply absentee, if you sign a notarized form... I was joking with my fiance about it saying that he didn't have to even be there.  I could be wrong, but you may want to look into it, if only one of you can make it to Texas to apply for the license.

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