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Blowing Bubbles Up the Aisle

Hey, all!

My fiance and I were thinking of having everyone blow bubbles as we walk up the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife.  We're not sure yet if we're going to have the programs/bubbles already on everyone's seats or if we'll have someone handing those things out before the ceremony.  I was wondering if anyone had an creative/fun poems or other "instructions" that would work well in case we wanted to just have everything on everyone's seats and print/tie the poem/instructions onto the bubble bottle?

Re: Blowing Bubbles Up the Aisle

  • Googling the poem idea, a couple of things come up:
    "As we walk down the aisle/As husband and wife/Please blow these bubbles/As we begin our new life"
    "Rice may be tradition/But bubbles are more fun!/When we become the new Mr. and Mrs./ Please blow these bubble kisses,/As our new life has just begun!"

    I would just double check that your venue is onboard with this.  We actually wound up having guests ring little bells since our venue didn't allow anything that could create a slip and fall hazard - no rice, confetti, bubbles.

  • I thought about doing bubbles, too but then I thought maybe it would distract people from seeing us walk down.. I don't know yet! 
  • I would think a lot of venues would not allow bubbles to be blown inside.  I know I never let the kids blow them in the house because of the residue they leave.
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    Our guests will have little champagne bottle bubble blowers attached to their wedding program/fans with a ribbon in our colors

    Don't worry about obscuring the pictures, blowers don't get bubbles farther than a foot from the source.  It's just harmless fun for the guests.

    We arn't including instructions on it because people know what the bubbles are for, and when to use them.  If they are inclined to use them out of time, nothing we have to say will make them behave otherwise.
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    For some clarification, we are having an outdoor ceremony and the venue is ok with us having the bubbles.

    My sister and brother-in-law had bubbles at their outdoor ceremony as well and it there are some BEAUTIFUL pictures with the bubbles.  Here's just one of many: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100367101108324&l=e1cbd6a126
  • Bubbles at weddings aren't a new idea.  I don't think your guests will need instructions or a cheesy poem to figure out what to do.
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