Looking for stationary that's more unique than typical finds at Hobby Lobby

Hey you Knottie Girls! (naughty)

Hope all of you are having fun with you wedding plans! I know I am just loving every minute of this! I am currently planning the engagement party for my friend's wedding and am stumped on something else.

I have passed by the paper place across from Whole Foods, downtown and have considered walking in but fear their prices might be more than what I would like to personally spend on stationary alone. I like pretty paper designs and I am sure they have some but I need to buy a bunch of other things too. Just judging by their location. 5th and Lamar, I can only imagine not being able to afford more than a couple sheets of construction paper alone... = (

I really want to get creative and create pretty table signs for every thing at their engagement party! The bride and groom to be table, reserved signs and place cards at each table too! I am not the craftiest person but with a DIY tutorial I should pick up just fine and be able to pull of awesome details.

Does anyone here know of any speciality boutiques or local stationary shops outside of the big names like Michael's and Hobby Lobby that might be able to provide me with some pretty designs?

Anything advice or leads is greatly appreciated!

Re: Looking for stationary that's more unique than typical finds at Hobby Lobby

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    Paper Place isn't too pricey, but you can find a lot of the same things online (cardsandpockets is one example) for less.  The cardstock at paper place is $0.60 a sheet, so if you are only needing a few, then it won't break the bank.  I don't really know of any other places except Archivers but they are very pricey in my opinion.
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    Thanks for the suggestion and help. It's good to know that their sheets are pretty affordable. Looks like I might have to stop in a pay them a little visit.

    I appreciate the help and input! Laughing
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    Checked out Paper Source today....

    Interesting store with lots of fun stuff but definitely not anywhere near what I imagined the store could provide. Their specialty paper is beautiful and yesss very expensive and unfortunately non refundable so I walked it with just the prepackaged items that I can bring back if they are 'sellable'. Understood. However, I am now even more intrigued to check out the place in Cedar Park as even the store manager of Paper Source, said it's totally worth the drive!

    You gotta love their honesty. I totally appreciate good hearted people like that who truly want to help you out.  Laughing
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