Ok so we are thinking of having our wedding catered vs doing our own food. Down fall is we are trying to keep our wedding on a strict budget that doest really allow for something really expensive. We are thinking more horsdeouves and appetizers then a sit down meal or buffet. We are expecting 100-150 ppl at the wedding. So any suggestions for a caterer?

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    There are lots of caterers that will do BBQ or fajita buffets for 8-10/person, I've heard. So you might be able to afford a whole meal. If you want to have a cocktail reception, at a non-meal time of course, I think most of the caterers in town can work with a budget.

    We are using Liz at Exquisite  Cuisine. I emailed her what we wanted and our budget, and she was able to make it work. Plus, her food is very tasty! She responds fairly quickly to email, so that's another plus. 
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    I guess it depends on the caterer. We are doing a BBQ/Mexican menu and it is 18 per person. That is not including the dishware. I priced BBQ joints in the area, and with them doing buffett style, and using paper plates they were able to do it for as low as 6 per person. I think finding a caterer who will do it for less than 10 per person, will be hard to find, because you are not figuring in the gratuity that goes with it. With places that deliver, and have restaurants locations, they usually do not have a gratuity and everything is all inclusive.

    The best thing you can do is call around and get prices, but I think it may be difficult to have a caterer do it for less than 10.
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    I'm having a late evening cocktail style reception, and when I called catering companies I found that the appetizer option is generally more expensive than a buffet or sit down dinner b/c there is more prep work involved.
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    Ditto pp - appetizers can easily be more expensive than an actual meal (depending on the meal, of course).  Restaurants are typically less expensive than caterers.  I used Derek Dilley, who is a private chef.  He was CRAZY affordable, and I still get compliments on the food.  I provided all of my own plates, napkins, etc., and he did all of the food.  It depends on your venue, though.....he prefers to work in a venue with an onsite kitchen.  His phone number is 210-379-9529, and his email is [email protected] if you're interested. 
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    We're using Culinary Delights. They have been really good at working with us to get us what we want and provide it all at a good price. They included more servers in their price than any of the other caterers, plus they are full service meaning they provide bone china, flatware, glassware, etc. I would send them an email and tell them what you're looking for and your budget and see what they come back with. There are also some sample menus on their website.
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