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i found the flower i want but am having a hard time finding out where i can get them.  any suggestions on how to go about this search?

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    What type of flowers are you looking for and what florist have you already looked into?
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    they're crimson chrysanthemums --yellow on outside and crimson/red on inside.  if i can get my hands on them, they may dictate my color scheme.  haven't checked into any florists yet as i'm in the early early stages of planning.
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    You should probably check with a florist.  Are you planning on doing your flowers yourself?
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    not sure.  i wouldn't mind doing it since i like crafts & projects but my FI refuses to transport x number of centerpieces and assemble the day of.  i might compromise and do my bouquet myself?
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    I would check with a florist. I agree with your FI I wouldn't want to worry about running around and taking care of center pieces on my wedding day. That's just me tho. Just remember also that you are going to need a space big enough to preserve the flowers as well. GL

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    I agree, go speak with a florist and find out two things; the name of the type of chrysanthemum and if they would be in season for your wedding.
    I also have to add that I've seen them and love the look so much.
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