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Mark Twain Reading - help with attribution?

I came across the poem "These I Can Promise," on several wedding websites, and I love it and would like to use it as a reading. These sites attribute the poem to Mark Twain, but I am having trouble locating the publication information for this (year, book/collection title, etc) I want to put the title and author of the reading in our program, but I am hesitant to do so should it turn out to be falsely attributed. (It's the anal retentive academic in me)

Can anyone out there confirm that this is for a fact written by Mark Twain?

Re: Mark Twain Reading - help with attribution?

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    Hmmm, I just did a cursory Google of it. If you really want to use that, I might put Unknown or Anon as the author. In my experience, Mark Twain and P.T. Barnum have the most attributed quotes that they never said. Twain does have a little thoughts on marriage piece, but it isn't that. 
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