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    I saw that! I actually got very excited because I was thinking I was the only nut to choose that weekend, lol. I LOVE that room, it's so amazing!! Are you doing the ceremony there also?
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    Yes!   Ceremony is in the Palazzo room because I have a whole bunch of people.  I'll leave you a little hidden note in the bridal suite ;)
    How did you find the Merion since you dont live in NJ/PA?
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    I will make sure to look for it! :)

    Actually it's funny... I absolutely refused to get married in Staten Island, I would ONLY consider Jersey halls but for the most part we were looking in North Jersey... when we initially looked for halls I never even looked at the section of the books with South Jersey venues. I had fallen in love with The Venetian but it was totally out of our price range so I moved on. One day on the way to a hall I was looking for the address in a magazine and it fell open to the page with The Merion and the front hallway looked so much like the Venetian... I told my fiance we HAD to go there even though it was out of budget and nowhere near us. We walked in and it blew the Venetian out of the water!! I knew if I didn't get married here, I would never be happy anywhere else... Luckily because they're so wonderful here they were able to work with out budget AND our minimum for the room... I can't wait!!
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