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String Quartets

Anyone know of any String Quartets in the area of Fargo/Moorhead.  We are getting married at Thumper Pond in July and am stumped on music!  Let me know how you can help.

Re: String Quartets

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    I'm a violist, so I'm super excited to see you're looking for string players! While I don't know names/contact info for the F-M area, I played for an orchestra in college & we got requests to put small groups together to play for events all the time. Since you have Concordia and it's great music program right there, I'd contact the orchestra director & see if they do something along the same lines. Also, you could try contacting the Fargo Moorhead Symphony ( & see if they have names of people that do small ensembles.

    I am also getting married on 7-20! (I assume from your username that's the date) Good luck with the musicians!
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