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My fiance is a 2LT in the Army, but I don't think he'll be wearing his uniform on our wedding day. Are you allowed to do the Sabre Arch if s/he isn't in their uniform?

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    You are not supposed to... If you are getting married at a military chapel, then all rules apply. If you are getting married at a civilian church or some other place, then you can really do what you want...but a lot of people don't think it very cool to go against stuff like that. :) Maybe he could put on his Blues for the arch or just wear it for the entire wedding. I know people who have done all three options. I'm wearing a gown, but my FI is wearing Blues. (We don't like mess dress!!) :) Happy Planning!!
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    It can be done. If you are getting married at a civilian church, talk to them about this.  It is VERY common for the sabre's to not be allowed in the sanctuary since they are a weapon of war.  I think the Catholic Church is especially big on that, but others are too. If you can't do the sabre's in the church, do them outside as you exit, or when you enter your reception.  I've been active duty for 23 years and I wouldn't think a thing of a military groom wearing a tux and doing the sabre arch.  Several of us at work have searched for a hard regulation on this - good luck, we can't find anything, just more etiquette and tradition and those are on outside/non-military sources.
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    Like PP said, you aren't supposed to. I guess there may be a way around it, though. We are marrying in the Catholic Church, and we will have the arch outside the door as we exit the church, like instead of rice/birdseed/bubbles.
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    That's what we're doing as well, a Catholic wedding and then the arch just outside the church. He still has a lot of time to decide what he's wearing; he's getting deployed. Thanks for your help! Since I'm not in the Army and I only get little snapshots of it at the Military Balls, I just didn't want to go against protocol.
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    Why not wear his uniform? That makes it easy.
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