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Welcome! Read this before posting!!

Hi and welcome to the Military Brides board! Congratulations on your engagement. Before you start posting, we have come together to put a lot of must know information in this post. Please read before posting and if you have any questions after that, feel free to ask!

Here is a link for our Military Brides Weebly Site:

On this site you will find:
FAQ for the Knot
How to stay Safe
Military Wedding Pictures
Military Balls and Banquet pictures
JOP information.   

Before posting, please keep OPSEC and PERSEC in mind. If you post anything that goes against these rules, you will be asked to edit your post. If it is not edited, there is a chance it will be deleted. These rules help keep service members all around the world safe.

Thank you to the Military Nesties board for the below information


  1. Do not post exact deployment dates or redeployment dates
  2. Do not reveal camp locations, including nearby cities. After the deployment is officially announced by Military officials, you may discuss locations that have been released, normally on the Country level.
  3. Do not discuss convoy routes (“we travelled through Takrit on our way to X”)
  4. Detailed information on the mission, capabilities or morale of a unit
  5. Specific names or actual nicknames
  6. Personnel transactions that occur in large numbers (Example: pay information, powers of attorney, wills, etc)
  7. Details concerning security procedures, response times, tactics
  8. Don’t discuss equipment or lack thereof, to include training equipment
  9. Don’t speculate about future operations
  10. If posting pictures, don’t post anything that could be misconstrued or used for propaganda purposes. A good rule of thumb is to look at your picture without your caption or explanation and consider if it could be re-captioned to reflect poorly on coalition forces. For example, your image might show your Soldier rescuing a child from a blast site, but could be re-captioned to insinuate that the child being captured or harmed. (it’s happened!)
  11. Avoid the use of count-down tickers for the same reason as rule #1
  12. be very careful if posting pictures of your loved one. Avoid images that show significant landmarks near their base of operations ,and black out last names and unit affiliations
  13. Do not, ever, post information about casualties (coalition or enemy) before the official release of the information.
  14. Do not pass on rumors (“I heard they’re coming home early”, etc)

PERSEC is also known as personal security. Like OPSEC, this involves guarding the information that you know. Do not give out your service memeber's name along with rank. Be vague about your personal information on the internet. This is plain common sense in just every day life -regardless of if your husband is in the military. The old saying loose lips sink ships still holds true today. Keep your service member, your family and his unit safe by keeping the information you know to yourself. You never know who is lurking and gathering information on message boards, myspace pages and profiles, etc. Better safe than sorry!Please be sure to look at your Bio's and make sure that there is not any identifying personal information. 

“My Marine/Sailor/Soldier/Airman/Coastie is coming home soon!”
“A few more months and he’ll/she'll hopefully be home!”
“Spoke with my Marine/Sailor/Soldier/Airman/Coastie today and they are busy!”

Not Safe:
“My Marine/Sailor/Soldier/Airman/Coastie will be home between 5-10 June”
“5 days until I see my Marine/Sailor/Soldier/Airman/Coastie”
“He’s/She's due home in July!”
“Spoke with my Marine/Sailor/Soldier/Airman/Coastie today and they are busy doing patrols in XYZ province.”
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