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My FI is in the ARMY and I have no idea what to get him as a wedding present. Any ideas? What did y'all get for your guys?


  • I got my H a really nice Citizen watch. It was a pretty penny, but it is something he will have for a LONG time so I am okay with it.

    ... I don't understand how being in the Military really mattered what I got him as a gift...

  • It doesn't he is just sooo military sometimes, the only things he really likes are tactical things.
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    Get him a Gerber!!  FI had an old one and he uses it ALL the time and I got him a new one a while back I thought he about died from being so excited... ...
  • Thats a really good idea. Thanks!
  • This isn't the most romantic but what about a knife? H got one before deployment and still carries it on him. You could also do a zippo with your date engraved or something like that
  • The Gerber is multi tool (I guess they make regular knives too) but anyways it has a knife, pliers, can opener, scissors and other pointy and sharp things.. sounds like he likes the things that my FI likes too :)  

  • I got mine a bottle of Crown Black.  
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  • We're going back and forth on what FI would like. Either his sword, if he wants something that related to his job, or maybe a nice watch. 
  • H and I decided not to exchange a big gift because we paid for our wedding ourselves, but I bought him a sex appeal medal. He loved it, haha.
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  • I got my H a really nice watch, I think it's still the favorite thing he owns. 
  • I got H ps3. It's something he really wanted and that I didn't mind buying since I knew it was also a blu ray player. 
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    [QUOTE]H and I decided not to exchange a big gift because we paid for our wedding ourselves, but I bought him a sex appeal medal. He loved it, haha.
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    We didn't really do gifts either since we were paying. I did bridal portraits and I'm doing an album for him so I guess that could be my gift lol<div>
    </div><div>Love the sig!</div>
  • I got a photographs taken of me in lingerie (a boudoir session is what its called) and had it bound in an album. That way, on deployment, he has his favorite girl with him ;)
  • Hanna- You're in Austin? What photographer did you use? I'm in San Antonio and I know my FI would go nuts for some boudoir pics but haven't found anyone in SA that someone can vouch for. You can let me know on here or PM, if you can share that info. 
  • I got H a GPS.  HAAA I was tried of him telling me to look at the map when we were going places. I can't read a map!
  • The Gerber stuff is pretty neat. H and I were looking at them before he left.... He got a pretty basic one...and he liked it... I don't know much about knives...

    I tried to get him to get the survival one with the picture of Bear Grylls on it... "It is getting dark, I better drink my pee" No dice...

  • Here comes the nerd side....I bought mine a Kindle, he had one last deployment but he kicked it off of his bunk and broke the screen. So I went and bought him a brand new kindle, with a High Impact Targus Case for extra protection. 
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