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soon to be military bride!

I have been on the Knot for awhile now, but I am new to the military boards so I thought I would introduce myself. My FI and I are getting married in July after having been together for over a year (by the time we get married it will be a year and a half), and we will be tying the knot in Niagara. He is in the Army Reserve, and is anticipating an upcoming deployment. I am very new to the military regs and SOP for military dependants, so any info and tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, (because I know comments will follow if I don't address this) I am aware that my user name needs changed- I am going to do this ASAP but I wanted to say hi. I still need to read OPSEC; I didn't even consider it until today, after reading posts- that just goes to show how new I am to all of this. :)

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