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I just made my appointment to go see my dress this Saturday!!!! Squeeeeee!!!!

So what should I bring or expect?  I have my undergarments and shoes, and we're not doing fittings yet anyway... but any suggestions, besides an awesome camera?

One of FI's classmates is also a Marine with a JAG contract, and he and his wife are invited to our wedding and we've all become quite close as we know we'll be together through TBS.  Anyway, I asked if she was willing to go with me, and she said yes!  So I don't have to go alone - hurray!

My sash was shipped and arrived at my parents' house (silly vendor didn't send it to where I had asked - but the results are beautiful, so I'm going to let it all go, and I'm going up to visit my parents in 2 weeks so I'll just bring it back then).  It does mean that I won't get to try it on with my dress, but that's okay!  Something to look forward to - we'll start fittings in May. 

Here's the sash:

And with the matching hairpiece:

And a close-up of the hairpiece:

And here's the dress (not me in it - you can see that on my planning bio under "Attire" in my siggy).  This is a really good pic of the bodice and the lacework:

I'm sooooo excited!



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