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Hiii! I am new to the site, and newly engaged!! He is Air Force, and we are getting married in 8 weeks! It's going to be super small, only about 15 people and we're not even planning a reception. I'm going wedding dress shopping next week, and I plan on getting a simple dress, not long, but not super short either. haha. He is probably going to wear dress slacks and a button up shirt with no tie. Since we're going so simple, do you guys think we should get flowers or even pick colors? I have never been a shopper or a planner, so all of this is very new and difficult for me! haha! Any help/words of advice is appreciated! Thank youuuu

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    Congrats, and welcome!

    Colors and flowers are pretty much completely up to you! Will you have a wedding party? Are you thinking of having decorations at your venue? If no to both of those, you won't really have a lot of things to color coordinate...

     Do you have a childhood dream of carrying a bouquet of roses (or whatever) at your wedding? If you're thinking of having any decorations, flowers can be a nice choice. But, I'm a little biased towards flowers since I think they're so pretty!
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    I mean, with only 15 people, I dont really think that chosing an elaborate color palate is necessary, but thats completely up to you.

    I would probably go to a florist and have a bridal boquet made up, tell them you'd like a small hand boquet. Explain the situation to the florist, and I'm sure they'll make you something that's lovely! But really it's all up to you!!
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    Thanks ladies! That helps a lot! :)
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