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XP: Ring Sizes

Ok I thought I'd XP this because I'm still a little unsure of what happened and I know some of you ladies are married so you might be more help to me!

Before my FI proposed he had my e-ring sized to a size 5.  It fits perfectly.  Well we bought our wedding bands a few weeks ago and I just picked mine up from being resized (both my e-ring and band are Leo diamond rings, both from Kay Jewelers, bought and sized by the same store) and I swear that my wedding band is smaller.  But when I put them together ( not on my finger) they appear to be the same size.  But my wedding band literally hurts to get on and to take off.  Sometimes when my fingers are swollen I have a semi-difficult time taking off my e-ring but it never hurts.  Does anyone know why they seem to be different sizes?

Its even still too tight if I wear it alone and not with my e-ring.  I am definitely going to have to take it back and have it resized again.  I just don't understand why it is seems to be so much tighter.

Oh and my ring is just a white gold band with diamonds half way around the band.

Re: XP: Ring Sizes

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    Is your wedding band thicker than your e-ring? That's probably why it feels like that. Mine are the same thing. 
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    If the band is thicker that makes it tighter. You could always have the store double check the size though too. I would just go up a quarter or half size though, maybe on both so they fit together.
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    my two thoughts of what might be the deal is:
    1. It's just a half size too small, which would be a big enough difference to cause discomfort but small enough that you can't tell visually.
    2. Your e-ring is sitting at the smallest spot, so your band is getting a wider spot and therefore bugging ya.
    My guess is number one since it hurts to get OFF but the other doesn't.
    I don't know about Kay because I have never been, but I know where we got our ring they resize for a lifetime at no charge, and said that most people resize at no charge for up to 90 days. Take it in and get a half size up. :)
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    I think that my wedding band may actually be a little bit thicker than my e-ring.  I wish someone in the store would have mentioned that it might feel tighter since the thicknesses were different.

    And I do have a lifetime ring resizing with my ring, so technically I could have it resized as many times as needed.  I'm definitely going to have to take it back to have it resized again.  I was just a little sad, because I was planning on wearing my band when I was at work instead of my e-ring because I didn't want to keep banging up my e-ring at work.  Oh well, I guess another 2 weeks won't kill me!
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