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So I am trying to plan my wedding for when he is on leave around Decemberish, BUT I am scared about picking a date. He doesn't even know his dates for his leave yet, but I know that even when he does know them they can change at any time. It seems like I cant plan ANYTHING with out a day to book! :(

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    BTW he is a Marine, and he is currently in Afghanistan)
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    Hi and welcome.  First I will give you advice about your screennanme, and recommend reading up on OPSEC and PERSEC.  I definitely recommend getting a new screen name that doesn't include your first and last name (I'm assuming yours is last name first).  You can't change your name or delete your account on here, but if you plan to continue posting, i would just scrap this account since you only have this one post, and create a new one using a different email address.  

    As for planning the wedding, we've all basically been there.  Planning around a leave that isn't guaranteed and doesn't even have any dates is extremely difficult and stressful.  Your best bet is to plan the wedding for a few months after he is supposed to come home.  Give some leeway time for extensions, but usually once they come home there is a period where they have a very small chance of being deployed again.  For example, if he is scheduled to be home in June, plan for probably September.  Obviously you will have to wait longer, but it's much less stress and will be worth it in the end.

    When you do start looking into vendors and venues, be sure to ask about getting a military clause in your contracts before you sign.  A miltary clause will say that if you need to cancel or change the date because of military reasons, they will either refund your deposit or move it to another date without penalty.
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    Ditto everything Beach said.
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    Just follow what Beach said. She's covered everything. We have all been there! Welcome to the board!
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    Thank you ladies! I will create a new account right now! I dont know why I didnt even think about OPSEC! 
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    Are you planning around R&R or a post deployment leave?  If you are planning around R&R, I would reconsider.  When it comes to R&R, you have to understand that it may not happen at all.  If you are working arounda post deployment leave, you need to press him to find out dates ASAP.  MH gets block leave after each deployment.  We usually don't know exact dates until about 4 months out. 
    For now, I would pick your dress, the WP attire, flowers, center pieces, favors and anything else you don't need a date to pick out.  You can plan a great wedding in very little time.  You just have to be willing to go with what is available.  You also have to be open to choices you might not have made if you had had a year to plan. 
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