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Guest list help!

I posted this on the Etiquette Board too.  My FI and I have a group of "friends" that are all stationed on the same boat.  Including ourselves, there are 8 of us (3 couples and 2 that are single) and for the most part it's just cookouts and occassionally going out for drinks on the weekend.  Over the past couple months, it has become glaringly apparent that two of the girls in the group don't like me and intentionally leave me out of "girls nights" and other plans.  It actually happened twice this week that my FI and I weren't invited to a party and then I wasn't invited out for a girl's night.  I'm not trying to whine or anything, I never felt close to either of them anyway, but now my FI and I are wondering if we should even invite them to the wedding.  They know we are keeping it small and could probably avoid too much drama with that excuse, but I don't know the exact etiquette for this situation. I'm finding it hard to want to extend an offer of hospitality to our wedding to people who don't want to be around me/us during daily life.  Thanks for any advice you all may have!
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Re: Guest list help!

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    Personally, I'm not a big fan of formalities. The only people I'd want at my wedding would be those people who I hold nearest and dearest to my heart, and especially since your wedding is going to be so small and intimate, you don't want anyone there who doesn't absolutely love the two of you. Keep those sourpusses away, hon.

    I hope this bird made you smile. I'm cackling like a hyena, over here.  :]
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    It's your wedding.  You can invite whoever you want.
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    taylor said it perfectly
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    Thanks for the advice and support all!  The Etiquette board has pretty much the same opinion, which is good because that means I wasn't off-base in what I was already thinking.  We have some time before we have to have a final guest list, but at least I know that if we decide not to invite them then we aren't wrong in doing it.  Thanks again all!
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